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The Elder Scrolls: Blades announced on E3 2018, meet mobile TES

Fans have long craved a mobile game on the line The Elder Scrolls. And they are not expecting a card competition. So that's it. A couple of minutes ago, at the E3 conference, Todd Howard announced the epic and beautiful mobile game The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Well, the player will control one of the Blade representatives - a particular secret unit to guard the Emperor and his authority.

He returned to his hometown, which was destroyed and now must help in its restoration. Just do not worry, this is not a city manager simulator and the project looks fine. Rate yourself:

Actually, the game allows you to create a full-fledged character from the world of TES and has as many as 3 game modes: Abyss, Arena, and Town. In Abyss, we will explore mysterious dungeons full of dangers and secrets. In the Arena, compete against real opponents, and Town. The town is really an advanced city manager, where the player will rebuild buildings, talk to the NPC and learn a lot of new and exciting about the local life.

Most importantly, the Blades combat system does not consist of repetitive strikes or similar combinations. The character can beat a standard attack, but will still repeat the attacking moves behind the player if he does it with svayp, use blocks and magic or even repeat after the movement of the hand. Yes, you did not misinterpret - the developers plan to port the game to all platforms and devices that only they can. Including on computer VR systems of the highest quality.

And all this will work on one server so that players can find each other in the arena. Pre-registration can be done in the coming days in the AppStore and GooglePlay, and on the site http://playblades.com/, you can leave an application for participation in the beta test.

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Ilon Mask's Artificial Intelligence of the OpenAI company will play Dota 2 with the best team

The program, which was developed by the company OpenAI, will participate in Dota 2 The International World Championship.

The company OpenAI reported that artificial intelligence, which its engineers developed, will participate in the world championship on Dota 2. The bot, which was financed by Ilon Mask, will play at the tournament.

AI will have to fight the best gamers in this discipline. Last year, OpenAI confronted individual players in a mini-game, and, according to gamers, they themselves learned something from bots when they studied the recordings.

According to the developers, artificial intelligence can perform about a thousand different actions at any time. The bot evaluates all the possibilities and chooses the best action. The match will be held on July 28.

We've created an AI system, OpenAI Five, which has started to defeat amateur human teams. This video contains an overview of our system, some example gameplay, and professional caster Blitz's analysis of our bot, as we start to gear up for playing a professional team at this year's Dota world

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